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Visuals2Go allows you to CREATE and customise your own cards. It also gives you access to all the visuals you will ever need to support your child/students, and if we don’t have an image you need, simply make a request and we’ll create them for you!



Visuals2Go supports people with a range of communication needs. It is a communication tool for someone with high support needs who require a one button communicator; someone who is learning to make a choice between two or more items; and even someone who is learning to communicate in sentences to increase vocabulary.


You can PRINT your visuals off on a range of different templates: from flash cards, to small visuals for communication folders, to activity boards, to BINGO boards, to ‘learn to read’ templates, and more!

A communicative classroom!

A brief demo of Visuals2Go

More than a communication app!

“Deep inside, every individual with a communication disability has a voice in their heart, a voice that you may not be able to hear with your ears, but it’s a voice that’s valuable, that’s beautiful, that’s precious and full of personality. This voice and who they are is what the world needs to hear.” – Our Vision

Visuals2Go is an ALL-IN-ONE Educational app created to support people with communication and learning difficulties. It is designed to support you as an Educator, Therapist, Support Worker or Parent so that you can give the person in your care a voice. It is distinct from other Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) apps in it’s versatility. It is designed to support people with a range of different communicative needs: from students with high support needs who needs a single message communication system, to choice making using two or more images, to sentence building to extend vocabulary.

It also supports those who needs hands-on visuals so the app allows users to PRINT their visuals on a range of different templates. The app is useful for verbal and non-verbal learners, it can be used for people on the autism spectrum, people with Down syndrome or other diagnosis. It is FREE to download with options to upgrade.

Need help with Communication, Behaviour and Learning?

Our team of Speech Therapists, Early Childhood and Specialist Educators can help.

We are currently servicing Self-Managed and Plan-Managed NDIS participants across Sydney, Australia.

App Reviews

“As a mobile Speech Pathologist I love that I can create visuals on the go and have choice boards and sentence strips at the touch of a button. The visuals included are great and the interface is simple enough for even the most novice user!”

Ashley Hopfe

Speech Pathologist, Australia

“This is an amazing app for all walks of life and especially for children with disabilities. This app has great visuals in all different sizes. Get it and worth it. Great for labeling.”


United States

“Fantastic app, easy to use and print visuals. My most used speech therapy app. Great technical support as well.

Nicole Lobsey

Speech Pathologist, Australia

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