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“Unlocking Potential – Empowering Your Child’s Voice”

Learn how to help children with developmental disabilities and communication difficulties find their voice and make sense of the world around them.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn In The Training

This webinar will reveal our 4 keys to enhancing communication with your child. We’ll demonstrate practical and

simple strategies to promote their engagement with you and the world around them.

Foster meaningful connections

Discover effective ways to enhance your connection with your child.

Reduce and manage dysregulation

Acquire skills to reduce your child’s frustrations and manage challenging behaviors.

Learn to communicate with purpose

Assist your child in developing purposeful communication skills.

Develop essential language skills

Build fundamental language skills to enhance effective communication with others.

Unlock Your Child’s Communication Potential

If you have a child who is non-verbal or have communication difficulties and you have tried other AAC systems without much success, then you really must attend this webinar!

Meet your presenter

Special Educator and Founder of Visuals2Go

Tony Bo

Bringing 18 years of invaluable experience, Tony has been dedicated to the education of children with disabilities, channeling his mission into giving a voice to those with developmental and communication challenges. His extensive background spans a wide array of Special Education settings, with impactful roles held in both London, UK, and Australia.

Throughout his career, Tony has gained extensive experience in a diverse range of Special Education settings, holding pivotal roles in both London, UK, and Australia. His expertise extends beyond traditional education, encompassing various teaching and consultancy roles.

Tony’s knowledge is further enriched by his training in multiple areas, including:

  • DIR Floortime,
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC),
  • Auslan Sign Language,
  • Head and Neck Anatomy
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy, and
  • Functional Behaviour Assessments (FBA).

This comprehensive skill set reflects his commitment to providing holistic support for individuals with disabilities.

Having worked with students across the spectrum of disabilities, including those in the Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, and individuals with complex needs and challenging behaviors, Tony brings a wealth of practical insights and a deep understanding of diverse learning needs.

What others have said about Visuals2Go

Pudding13 (Parent, Australia)
My three year old son has cerebral palsy and doesn’t talk yet, this app has been fantastic for him to be able to communicate. It’s user friendly, reasonably priced and has great features. There has been a huge change in his personality and confidence because he is now able to express himself and feels better understood. Thank you Visuals2go!
Kim Jovin (Parent, Canada)
I recommended this app to all my daughter’s therapists as well as her school. The feedback I’ve received is how easy it is to use and navigate compared to other apps. The creator of this app also have been so patient, available and so helpful on many occasions with some of my issues on my end. The videos, workshops has made the learning curve easy for me and my husband keep up the great work in continuing to support those that are in need of a voice!
Natalie H (Speech and Language Therapist, United States)

I’m an early intervention (birth-3) Speech-Language Pathologist. I decided to try this app with a family I was working with because the little boy has autism and was blowing me away with his ability to use low tech AAC options. Within a week of introducing him to Visuals2Go, he was using it to make requests! I was so impressed by how quickly he was able to start using it to effectively communicate! The support was also fantastic. We emailed questions and were responded to very quickly. The app developer himself set up a zoom call with us to assist us further and show us some other ways to use the app which we didn’t think of (ex: making choice boards, using first/then language, visual aids, etc.)

T123dal (Parent, United States)
I am so impressed with the customer service and dedication. I actually contacted the company, because my daughters favorite food item was not on the app. They added it, but you needed a subscription. I emailed them a second time, and asked if they could add it for individual (one time) purchase, since we are just trying the app out at this time. They actually honored that request as well. I am blown away by how much they care, to respond so quickly, and then honor 2 requests. Especially when they could have just told me I needed to subscribe, but they were sympathetic to the fact I’m trying different things out to see what works for my daughter. I really recommend trying this app.
Ashley Hopfe (Speech and Language Therapist, Australia)
As a mobile Speech Pathologist I love that I can create visuals on the go and have choice boards and sentence strips at the touch of a button. The visuals included are great and the interface is simple enough for even the most novice user!


Are you looking for answers to some of the frequently asked questions about our upcoming webinar?

How long will the webinar go for?

We anticipate the webinar to be 1-1.5 hours in duration.

What platform will the webinar be using?

The webinar will be presented using ZOOM. Please ensure you have Zoom downloaded from prioer to joining the webinar.

Is there a cost associated with joining this event?

No, we believe everyone’s voice ought to be heard, so we are making this training completely free.

Will there be opportunities to ask questions during the webinar?

Yes, we will have a Q and A session at the end of the Webinar.

Will this webinar be recorded?

Yes, the webinar will be recorded and you should receive a link to its recording a few days after the webinar.

Join the Journey to Better Connect with your Child

We will explore in detail the following 4 keys to unlock and empower your child’s voice:

    1. Foster meaningful connections – Discover effective ways to enhance your connection with your child.
    2. Reduce and manage regulation: Acquire skills to reduce your child’s frustrations and manage challenging behaviors.
    3. Learn to communicate with purpose: Assist your child in developing purposeful communication skills.
    4. Develop essential language skills: Build fundamental language skills to enhance effective communication with others.

10am, Wednesday, 6th December 2023 (AEDT)

6pm, Tuesday, 5th December 2023 (EST)

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