FREE Webinar: Part 1: Communication – A Voice to be heard

About The Webinar

Visuals2Go’s mission is to see that every individual who has a communication disability are given a voice and to help them thrive in their learning potential. We believe every person has a right to communicate, and we can support their rights by giving them the tools they need. Tony has 15 years of experience teaching individuals with Autism and other complex needs, helping many develop communication skills using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

This webinar will show how you can encourage your child to communicate with you. We will show you some simple and practical strategies you can use to promote communication.

If you have a child who is non-verbal or have communication difficulties and you have tried other AAC systems without much success, then you really must attend this webinar!

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • How you can teach Communication skills at home – For someone who is non-verbal or have communication difficulties, there can be a lot of frustration for the individual. We will show you some practical strategies to help you get started with encouraging communication in the home.

  • Overview of the Stages of Communication – Every individual is at different stages of communication. We will explain our SIX Stages of Communication unique to Visuals2Go so that you can assess where your child is at and how to progress them further in their language development.

  • How to build meaningful vocabulary – The great thing about having a formal communication system is the ability to grow one’s expressive vocabulary.  We will show you some practical ways you can help build expressive vocabulary for meaningful communication.

    * This webinar has ended, however yo,u may still register to watch a replay of it 🙂
    You may also register for Part 2: Deeper into the Stages of Communication, click here

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