“Teaching Communication to those with Autism and other Disabilities Webinar” – Wednesday 6th December 2017, 11am (Sydney, Australia time). Convert this time to your local area HERE.

If you have a child or work with children/adults with disabilities who struggle with communication, this webinar may assist you in how and where to get started. We believe all is able to communicate, its up to us to give them a voice!

This is a live webinar, you will be able to message in questions.

This is a FREE event with limited spaces.

Some Topics covered:

* How does one with Autism and other disabilities learn

* How and where to get started with Communication

* Use of Visuals VS Speech generated apps and devices

* How to use Visuals2Go or other speech generated apps to encourage communication

This webinar will be presented by
Tony Bo,
(Creator of Visuals2Go
Bachelor of Education in Special Education
Special Education Teacher for 13 Years
Completed Level 1 and 2 of PECS course)

* If you are unable to attend the event at this time but are interested in seeing the presentation afterwards, please still Register and I will send you a link.