Picture Card Maker Tutorial

How to create an Album

Tap the + button (top right)
Name the album
To add an image to the album, tap ‘select’ then ‘edit’ and choose the album you want to add a picture to.
Tap on the the image or the camera icon.

How to create a picture card

Tap on an album you want to save your picture card to
Tap the + button (top right)
Tap on the camera image to add an image. To create text only cards, do not add image to card.
Type in the text to name the card.
Tap on the record button to record voice.
Tap ‘back’ button, your card is now created.

How to edit a picture card

Tap on an album where the picture card is saved in
Tap the ‘Select’ button (bottom left)
Tap on ‘Edit’ (top right)
Select the picture card you want to edit.

How to delete your picture cards

1. Tap on an album where the picture card is saved in.
Tap the ‘Select’ button (bottom left).
Select the cards you want to delete.
Press the delete icon (bottom middle).

How to print your picture cards

Enter an album
Tap on ‘Select’
Choose the cards you want to be printed
Tap the print icon (bottom right)
To make copies of a card tap on that card.
To remove a card from printing, double tap on that card.

How to use the Sentence Strip

Tap on ‘Sentence Strip’
Open an Album
Double tap on a picture card. One tap will play the voice attached to that card.
To remove a picture card from the sentence strip, double tap on the card that is on the sentence strip.

You may change to single tap to add cards to sentence strip by going to settings and switching on the ‘One tap sentence strip’

How to save a picture card as an image to your photo album

Enter an album
Tap on the card you want to save as an image (make sure the sentence strip feature is not on)
Click on ‘Save as image’ on the bottom left.
Check that your Picture Card is saved to your photo album

How to use google images to create your picture cards

Go into the Safari app
In the search bar, type the image name you want to locate, then cick on ‘Go’
Click on the ‘images’ menu just under the word ‘Google’
Locate the image you want to use for your picture card and tap on it
Hold your finger on the image and when options come up, tap on ‘save image.’
Open Picture Card Maker app
Follow instructions of ‘How to create a picture card’
When adding the image, select the ‘Choose Existing’ option and locate the image you have just saved (It should be in ‘Camera Roll’

How do I share my albums and cards across devices

This function is currently not yet available. We are working on an update which will have this feature.