About Us

Visuals2Go was created from a passion for Communication and the use of visuals for those who have difficulty communicating their needs and wants.

Visuals2Go is an ideal tool for parents and educators. It is an all-in-one education tool designed for the user to access visuals for learning and communication directly from the device or to be printed off for hands-on learning. Our brain is an amazing visual processor and memorises things far easier through visuals or images rather than abstract words. Learning through images is now made easier through Visuals2Go where you can access visuals wherever you go!

Visuals2Go can be used by people of all ages including young toddlers learning to talk to adults who struggle with speech. It is also designed to benefit children/adults with a disability such as those with autism who have difficulty communicating their needs and wants.

Visuals2Go allows you to easily create personal visuals or picture cards and with voice output for users to make requests and comments. Your picture cards can also be PRINTED off in various sizes to suit your needs.

This app is very versatile. Here are some of the ways you can use Visuals2Go:

* Use it as communication device for those struggling with speech. Users can make choices directly or use the ‘Sentence Strip’ feature to communicate in sentences;

* Use it as a lanyard, carrying all your symbols on your device, with an easy SWIPE-TO-SCROLL through cards feature;

* Create countless number of visual cards in various sizes to print off and laminated for hands-on learning (in premium version).

* Print a range of customised visual boards from our templates for a variety purposes including choice boards, shopping lists, flash cards and more (in-app purchase).

* Or simply use it as a photo album with text and voice. Store albums of family members; friends; favourite toys; characters; etc. Your child will love scrolling over each page!