A great Communication Tool

Visuals2Go is a communication tool great for toddlers learning to talk or for those who struggle to communicate their needs and wants. Users can make choices directly or use the ‘Sentence Strip’ feature to communicate in sentences. It has text-to-speech voice output in a range of different voices.



Print your visuals

Visuals2Go allows you to easily create personal visuals or picture cards which can be PRINTED off in various sizes to suit your needs. You can print Visuals from a range of templates for a variety purposes: choice boards, shopping lists, flash cards and more!


Sharing is a key feature in Visuals2Go. We recognise the need for User’s albums and cards to be shared across devices so that the user has access to their same visuals in the home, at school and with other specialists.

Demo of Visuals2Go

Download Visuals2Go on your device now!

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